Wednesday, June 10, 2020


Assalamualaikum..masih dengan resepi cookies ye..Cornflakes madu ni adalah cookies paling mudah buatnya di dunia. Hihiii..senang dan sodap banget! Mmg wajib buat la kukis ni setiap kali raya. Jom kita zaas resepi..

sumbet - inahar's cooking time

100g cornflakes (saya guna semua 300gm tanpa mix bahan lain)
100g crispy bubble rice(optional)
100g chopped almond/nuts (roasted)
110g butter
90g fine sugar
5-6 tbsp honey

Mix all ingredients B and put to a slow heat for a few minutes. Stir well. When all the ingredients has dissolved, add in A and stir till Incorporated. Lay small paper cups in a small muffin tray and scoop 1 tsp of mixture. Pre heat oven and bake at 175C for 7 minutes. Let it cool on wire rack the store them in an airtight container.
*You can add your preference for the decorations.

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