Friday, December 26, 2008

Holiday mood...

hi..juz got back from family holiday @ afamosa resort malacca nak update my blog today..pheww..what a memorable time in malacca.We rented a bungalow there but were not allowed to cook so we prepare all our dishes at home and need only to reheat our food in microwave. I cook ayam masak merah and fish soup while my sister Seli cook nasi lemak with sambal ikan bilis.Elie, my sister inlaw(bobby's wife) brought nasi himpit(rice cube) with special sambal kacang daging(peanut sauce cooked with meat) well as some bingka gula..hmm..yummy!
We really enjoyed ourselves there..and tend to eat most of the time..gosh.I also gain weight a few kilos..alamak need to do some dieting this coming few weeks..
I haven't got time to transfer the photos yet to my computer but promise I will upload some photos there later...
But actually today i manage to bake my favourite butter cake and jackfruit muffin..baru first time try baking the jackfruit muffin..i use apple muffin recipe and only change the green apple with jackfruit..the muffin is still cooking in the oven. tunggu masak a bit later and i will show u the results for now just enjoying the smell..once dah masak i akan update nanti..bye

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