Saturday, December 20, 2008


Assalamualaikum...hi everyone! After seeing so many of our friends' beautiful cooking blogs,I think it's time for me to just share whats going on in my little home...mostly what i cook or bake in the kitchen..but i wasn't a good cook though, the interest only came in after i got married about 14 years ago. Initially I only know how to cook simple dishes like laukpauk for daily meals.But as time goes by,my interest in cooking increased and start looking for recipes for more special dishes and treats.My main interest now is baking cakes and pastry.I only start baking about 5 years ago.
As always mum's cook is the best so i am kind of stick to how my mum used to cook......and of course what my hubby and my 4 kids love...
Everyone has one food or another they don't like, and I respect being picky for health reasons, but adults who have eating habits like the average 5yr old cause me to be rather disgruntled! You may never find out how good foods can be if you're afraid to try things. In the cooking world, looks aren't everything.
I am sharing recipes that I want to keep safe from my own family favorites as well as recipes that I would like to try and haven't made yet.
I hope you enjoy some of the recipes that I share ..



Tahniah dah ada blog- apa lagi upload lah apa yang patut. Ucu tetap menyokong!Tapi tak pandai cakap orangputih hi! hi!

inahar ali said...

TQ ucu..baru nk update blog ni sbb bercuti ke afamosa resort 4 hari br balik smlm.arini smpat masak buttercake ngan muffin cempedak..nnti kita upload gambar sekali..